Americans spend over $200 billion dollars a year on fast food. The weight loss industry makes around $72 billion dollars a year and the healthcare industry generates around $1.7 trillion dollars in revenues related to weight-related diseases.  That’s a total of 2 trillion dollars in revenues by making people fat!

 Any real solution to weigh loss will be devastating to such juggernaut economies. The responsible individual or the team of scientists who would develop a solution for weight loss will definitely qualify for the Nobel Prize and will certainly have a bounty on their heads. So, the next time you hear about brand new diets, ground-breaking supplementary products, magic pills, patches or creams or revolutionary exercise equipment, remember these facts before you impulsively pull out your credit card.

Change your habits, clean your diet and get active and you will hear from us in the very unlikely event that a magic bullet to weight loss is discovered.  And by the way, 80% of New Year’s weight loss resolutions fail by Valentine’s Day.

Author UPMC

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