Our Vision

We shall be the preferred medical clinic based on the excellence of our clinical staff and our evidence-based and patient-centered care.

Our Mission

The mission of University Place Medical Clinic is to provide the community with patient care the way it used to be before medicine was commercialized.

Our Core Values

  • In the age of corporate greed when revenues influence patient-physician relationship and limit the amount of time doctors can spend with their patients, our clinical professionals spend plenty of time with patients to get to know them, listen to them and to ensure patients understand the treatment plans.
  • Our providers practice medicine based on proven scientific medicine and avoid unapproved and unpromising care. They also take patients’ health seriously when it comes to prescribing control substance.
  • Our staff is respectful and courteous to our patients at all times.
  • We take patients’ feedbacks very seriously.

University Place Medical Clinic is a private practice offering quality healthcare services to the residents of University Place and the Greater Tacoma area. With decades of experience in patient-centered health care, the clinic has earned a reputation for excellence.

What distinguishes us from other clinics and hospitals:

  • Unlike many other clinics and hospitals, our providers are under no pressure to see a patient within a short time period. In fact, they spend plenty of time to get to know patients and understand their medical conditions and lifestyle in order to design specific patient-based treatment plans.
  • When you call the clinic, you speak with a real person who strives to help you.
  • We deliver value by combining new technology and traditional patient care.
  • You can speak with the clinic owner and voice your concerns by simply calling a direct line or emailing the clinic here.